My Novels

Ancient Revenge
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An ancient Celtic sect, thought to be extinct 

Fueled by deep-seated hatred 

And a vendetta to avenge their demise... 

An explosion rips the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris apart during celebratory mass, killing hundreds and revealing a hidden crypt with a most gruesome find:  the crucified body of a naked young woman; twelve tombstones inscribed with a single phrase -- in domina nostra salus.

CIA agent John Russell, an expert in religious crime, is summoned to investigate a wave of atrocities that surges through Europe: Bodies on cathedral towers covered in baffling tattoos; the massacre of a Cistercian monastery; the relentless execution of senior Cardinal Bishops. Sorting through the bizarre crimes, Russell and his team are plunged into a web of age-old conspiracies involving the Vatican, the Ceile De, spouses of the gods, warrior priestesses and their quest to settle a primeval score.

In a race against time, Russell drags his team through Europe in a desperate struggle to prevent total cataclysm.

In just four days...

The Mongol Warrior
Coming soon...

In just six weeks’ time, a historic treaty will mark the voluntary handover of Tibet from its Chinese captors to its rightful ruler: The Dalai Lama.

When masked horsemen attack Tibetan villages in the dark of night, decapitating the peasants and burning the buildings to the ground, the treaty is threatened. The few who escape the carnage murmur in fear about the resurrected ghost of Genghis Khan standing in the ashes.

In a desperate struggle to save the treaty and avert civil war, John Russell, CEO of The Goodwill Foundation and his team are sucked into a sinister complot that threatens to drag China back to the revolutionary days of Mao Zedong, overthrow the leadership of the Tibetan Government in Exile and cripple the economic super powers of the world.

Into the dreams of a madman…

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