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If you like Vince Flynn, Steve Berry, John Gilstrap, David Baldacci or Dan Brown... you will love JF Lourens!

With degrees in law and criminology, Australian author JF Lourens practiced law before turning business consultant. He is an avid reader of the thriller / suspense genres; he jogs to keep fit; travels the world to see where life takes him; does karate to keep him sane and focused and writes novels because he absolutely enjoys jumping into the keyboard to follow his characters into the unknown.

Ancient Revenge is his debut novel, a fast-paced thriller with real-life characters and a strong plot that makes the reader stop just long enough to think... before resuming the race to the last page...


The day I met a Rasta in Paris.

Let’s start with the obvious if anyone should ask: I am the epitome of “normal”. I have a job, a family and a mortgage. I use public transport. I have a bachelors in law, a masters in criminology and for a short while made my living defending criminals who, heaven knows, were as guilty as sin.  
And as many normal families do, my family and I enjoyed a great European holiday just a few months ago travelling through France and Italy. With great excitement and anticipation, we entered Europe through Charles de Gaulle International Airport, ready to consume whatever culture Paris had available to bestow upon us.

The Indie’s dilemma: Achieving a work-life-writing balance!

If you are an Indie author, you’d be well aware of this dilemma: how to manage your time both efficiently and effectively to achieve a successful outcome.
Looking back on 2011 and the beginning of 2012, I can safely say that I did not spend my time efficiently or effectively when it came to my writing goals.  Unfortunately we mortals have a limited number of hours per day and a finite number of days per week to juggle between your actual job (i.e. the interference that pays the bills…), life (family, friends, partners, social life, sport, chores), managing your author platform (refer tip below: facebook, twitter, goodreads, your blog… even if you have an agent!) and lest we forget, actual writing (write, edit, publish)! It is very easy to fall into the main pitfalls that will hold you back from achieving your goal: becoming a full-time, successful author! And I have fallen into the traps. Repeatedly (just to make sure I fell into them, I suppose…). But I've also found the solution...

What to do with negative reviews

As I trolled the blogosphere on the topic, I noticed that many new authors feel dejected by bad reviews. Personalizing the review, I guess, forgetting that the review is aimed at an object, the novel and should not be aimed at the person, the author. I, on the other hand, find the negative reviews somewhat humorous, yet, wonder what type of person would publish such negative comments. Probably the same kind of person who would send his/her steak back to the restaurant kitchen three times in a row…?

Vince Flynn, “The Last Man” and the cat …

As an avid Vince Flynn fan I anxiously await the release of his latest novel “The Last Man” (out in the Fall 2012, http://www.vinceflynn.com/). And as a fan, just like so many others, Mitch Rapp has become a friend, even a challenge. Have you ever wondered how Mitch would have done something you are struggling with? Honesty, please: I know I do… 
Point in case: A while ago I received a picture email from a friend with a challenge to spot the cat in the middle of a scrap heap (picture at the end of this post). Game on! It’s human to compete and show others that you can (although I’ve been told that men struggle with this concept more than women).  “Easy, enough,” I thought and loosely scanned the picture, one eye on the picture, the other on my watch. “I’ll do it within 10 seconds. And of course, boast about it.”